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Thank you for visiting this page, a space that is curated with love by a mommy who believes that inculcating the habit of reading is the best gift that she can gift to her son. She started a book blog by the name “Under That Guava Tree” more than a decade and a half ago.

Why the name ‘Under That Guava Tree’? Well, because the mommy got all her reading skills by spending her childhood days under a guava tree in her home with books. No fancy library, no decked up reading rooms, just that tree, a swing made of ropes and wooden plank and those second-hand books or comics that she used to buy after saving hard from her pocket money. If you ask her to reminisce about some of her sweetest childhood moments, it will be around books and that guava tree Kiddingly - 1f642.

So, when most of the usernames around books that she wanted to try weren’t available, she decided to create a virtual space with the same name that was her reading nook once upon a time.

With time, her book blog, especially the children’s books section became more than just a blog for book recommendations and thus Kiddingly was born – a place to find, engage and bond over books, arts & crafts around books, writing prompts, storytelling and more.

Between Under That Guava Tree and Kiddingly, the gal behind these blogs became a mom but the little gal inside her still loves to read lots of comics and children’s books.

She believes that a good book is nothing less than magic, a dream that you hold in your hands. In case you share similar love for books and would like to know the titles that today’s generation kid loves to read, you may follow this page.

Kiddingly is also available on Instagram and Facebook. In case your child is just not interested in books and you would like me to help you with some specially curated list based on his/her taste and preferences, you may reach out to me at contactkiddingly@gmail.com.

Publishers / Authors who would like us to know of their cool new book, feel free to contact me here or email at the id mentioned above. Thanks.

Read today, Read every day and have fun Kiddingly :-).

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