Feliz New Year, Ava Gabriela – Children’s Book Review

Feliz New Year, Ava Gabriela – Children’s Book Review

In a world that can’t stop talking, where being extrovert is always appreciated, and where you’re encouraged to speak more & more, this book celebrates the quietness of a shy little girl Ava. Most importantly, it lets Ava be the way she is. No rush to speak up, no push to mingle, rather it’s all about giving the child, the time and space she needs to adjust to a new environment.

What a beautiful theme for the story, isn’t it? I loved this book, very relatable, and enjoyed it from start to end. Written by Alexandra Alessandri and illustrated by Addy Rivera Sonda, this book is a beautiful reminder to celebrate the uniqueness of each child.

Ava Gabriela is visiting her extended family in Colombia for the holidays. She’s excited to take part in family traditions such as making bunuelos, but being around all her relatives in an unfamiliar place makes Ava shy and quiet. There are many instances where she wants to speak, wants to have fun with other children but she finds herself tongue-tied. As the story progresses, it shows how Ava finds her voice and enjoys the New Year with her family.

In case you have a shy child or a child who takes time to adapt to a new environment, you will love this book. There are many kids who aren’t as confident and extrovert as their counterparts. This book beautifully communicates how at times not pushing the boundaries makes the adjustments more natural and easier.

Apart from the above, this book is also a wonderful reminder of the importance of family, festivals, traditions of different countries, and more. Overall a great book that you would like to read with your little ones or gift to other kids this coming holiday season.

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Title: Feliz New Year, Ava Gabriela!

Author: Alexandra Alessandri

Illustrator: Addy Rivera Sonda

Suitable for: Below 6 years

Available at Amazon here.

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