How to draw a Christmas Bauble

How to draw a Christmas Bauble

It’s December! It’s time to be merry and have some fun.

As always, we really looooooove to see all the love that you shower on our site this month. It’s a different high for me as a creator when I see thousands of you downloading and referring to our doodle tutorials. And among everything that we have created so far, our Christmas special collections remain the star attraction at our site, receiving loads of love from you month after month. Do you know which was the most referred-to-doodle at our site last month? It’s the Reindeer one, followed by the Snowman :).

See all the love for creating Christmas special doodles, here we are back with yet another fun prompt for you – and that’s Christmas Bauble. The most interesting thing about drawing baubles is there is no rule, no structured steps that you need to follow. Just draw a shape of your choice, a circle, or a square, or you could even draw a star in your journal, fill them up with patterns that you wish to scribble, and color them away. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow – anything and everything would make them look fun! Bauble should be colorful and cute, isn’t it?

Here’s my collection for this Christmas. I have drawn them in my doodle journal and I can’t wait to see you drawing them too.

If you enjoyed doodling these baubles, we would love it if you could share it on Instagram by tagging our page .

And if you have very young artists who would like to just color some baubles instead of drawing them too, we have created a coloring sheet for you. Just scroll to the third image, right click and save!

Kiddingly - Christmas Bauble Drawing Tutorial 731x1024
Christmas Bauble Drawing Tutorial

Kiddingly - How to Draw Christmas Bauble Kiddingly 724x1024
Christmas Bauble Doodle

Kiddingly - Bauble Coloring Sheet For Kids 731x1024
Christmas Bauble Coloring Sheet

Before we sign off, did you check out our latest holiday special reading list? You may find some awesome suggestions here.

That’s it for now. Wish you all happy holidays and a very happy new year. May 2023 be a brilliant one filled with memories and stories worth cherishing forever.



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