Mama, I Can’t Sleep

Mama, I Can’t Sleep

Sometimes it feels almost impossible to fall asleep. Isn’t it? Usually, kids keep on saying that. In the same way, a little girl insists that she simply cannot sleep, and her mother starts telling her how all of the animals in the world go to sleep. But each animal sleeps differently and also in different places.

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She finds out: leopards sleep in trees, storks sleep standing on only one leg, fish sleep with their eyes open, bats hang upside down while they sleep. and so are the other animals. But what is the best way for children to sleep? The little girl tries out all the ways animals sleep. At last, she ends up in something. Read Mama, I Can t Sleep to know. This is a delightful goodnight book from Brigitte Raab and Manuela Olten. This is a perfect book for parents or anyone living with young children.

Suitable for: 3 – 4.
Author Name: Brigitte Raab.
Publication: Sky Pony.

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