Reading Calendar For Kids – September 2019 Edition

Reading Calendar For Kids – September 2019 Edition

It’s September! The start of autumn, the month from which the daylight gets shorter and the temperature cools down. September also means exam time for children in many parts of India.

Good luck to the little ones for their unit tests and first term examinations at school. Exam or no exam, I am sure you all are sneaking in some time to read your favorite stories. And why not, a quick story break in between textbooks could be so refreshing, isn’t it?

As always, we are back with our reading calendar for the month with a variety of prompts. These prompts are for younger kids to keep them interested in reading throughout the month.

Children love the variety and through these reading calendars, our aim is to provide them some direction on different topics that they could choose for reading.

So, check out the July reading calendar especially curated with love for you and your little one.

Read one or read all, doesn’t matter if you pick a book from this list or anything of your choice, what matters most is you enjoy what you read and have fun KIDDINGLY 🙂

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To download this reading calendar, just right-click the above image and save it or download it by clicking the button below.

In case your child would like it to be quickly accessible in front of his/her eye, print and paste it in your junior’s room. But if you would not like to waste paper by printing, then that’s perfect too, just write these cues in a diary and give it to your little one.

We hope these ideas would inspire your children to read a story daily.

As always, we would love to know the favorite read of your little one. So, if your child loved these reading cues and read some books from this calendar, please send us the name of the book along with the cue to A lovely surprise might be waiting for some of you.

Happy reading 🙂

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