Books To Read With Your Little One This Festive season

Books To Read With Your Little One This Festive season

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” – Walt Disney. Agree? With the festive season around the corner, all the parents out there will surely get some time to spend with kids and books this holiday.

When it comes to festivals kids questions are endless, Why do we light this lamp, why do we offer these laddoos, why do we decorate this idol? So to keep them hooked, here are some leading authors and their books related to festivals and gods. From lovely read-aloud to fun and festive stories, these brand new freshly packaged stories are the perfect way to enjoy the holidays.

Ganesha- Hearing, Seeing, Smelling, Touching and Tasting
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This is a perfect picture book for babies and toddlers illustrated and written by Swamini Supriyananda. Through this beautifully designed picture book, babies are introduced to the beloved god Ganesha and five senses – Hearing, Seeing, Smelling, Touching and Tasting. An amazing book that every parent must read to their little ones.

Suitable for: Below 3.
Author Name: Swamini Supriyananda.
Publication: Chinmaya Bala Katha.
Buy it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

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Why is Lord Ganesha elephant-headed? Why does he have only one tusk? Did your little one ever ask you these questions? If yes, then you should definitely read this book for them which clarifies all their doubts about the god of wisdom and his faithful assistant Mushika, a rat. A fun retelling of the most popular stories of Ganesh, accompanied by beautiful illustrations that bring life to stories.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Author Name: Subhadra Sen Gupta.
Publication: Penguin Books.
Buy it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

Ravana Remedy 
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An Informative book for kids of age group 6 to 9, which talks about the history of Ravan the king of Lanka. How they evolved with changing times, their importance and relevance, etc. The narration of this story by Suddhasattwa is quite impressive.

Suitable for: 6 – 9.
Author Name: Suddhasattwa Basu.
Publication: Navbharath Times.
Buy it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

Celebrate Durga Puja With Me
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This is a part of ‘From The Toddler Diaries’ series and the Durga Puja experience of 3-year-old Riya. This beautifully portrays ‘5 Days of Durga Puja’ which will surely keep your child interesting throughout the story as it describes every day of Navaratri. Easy to read for 3-6-year-old kids.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Author Name: Shoumi Sen.
Publication: CreateSpace Independent.
Buy it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

Durga The Feminine Force 
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Evil demon Mahishasura defeats all the gods and takes control of Amaravati. That is when all the gods come together and create a woman using the best of all their powers, this woman to be called Devi Durga. Read this book for your little one through which they will get to know how Devi Durga fought against all forms of evil. A best read to know about Durga Mata on this festive season.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Publication: Om Books Editorial.
Buy it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

Amma, Tell me about Durga Puja
Kiddingly - 61HR5BvFWL. SX258 BO1204203200

A fascinating picture book by Bhakti Marur which will surely be a visual treat to kids this festive season. Using simple language and vibrant images Amma, tell me about Durga Puja will attract kids and leaves them with the best of the best reading experience.

Suitable for: 0 – 3.
Author: Bhakti Mathur.
Publisher: Anjana Publishing.
Buy it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

Diwali: A Cultural Adventure
Kiddingly - 512EKZbrupL. SX260

Diwali is the story of a brave hero, an evil villain, and an epic battle. Here’s how Ram defeated darkness. If you want your child to know about why Diwali and how it is celebrated, then you should definitely read this book for them on this festive season.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Author Name: Sana Hoda Sood.
Publication: Mascot Books.
Buy it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

Lord Rama
Kiddingly - lord rama

The world was being terrorized by the King of evil Ravana. Lord Vishnu appeared as Rama to vanquish the demon and restore the peace on earth. Rama, an embodiment of truth, virtue, an ideal son, husband and above all an ideal king. Lord Rama by Om Books Editorial team is written in a lucid language keeps your little one’s mind engaging.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Publication: Om Books Editorial.
Buy it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

Amma, Tell Me About Diwali
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Diwali is a fun-filled festival for kids and elders. They love burning crackers and eating lots of sweets. “Amma, Tell Me About Diwali” is a charming and informative children’s book which describes why Diwali is celebrated. Stories with brilliant visuals will surely attract your kids

Author Name: Bhakti Mathur.
Publication: Anjana Publishing.
Buy it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

Tell Me About Festivals of India
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When it comes to Indian festival days children’s questions are endless. To answer all their questions gift this amazing book by Anurag Mehta. A package of interesting mythological tales and vibrant illustrations, the significance of the major festivals of India are well explained.

Suitable for: 6 – 9.
Author Name: Anurag Mehta.
Publication: Nita Mehta Publications.
Buy it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

Do give these books a try but as I always say, these are some of the books that the mommy me enjoyed reading with her little one. It may happen that your junior won’t like some or all the books from this list and that’s perfectly fine. Every child has his/her own preferences, let’s just respect their choices and read them what they want.

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