The Story of Ferdinand

The Story of Ferdinand

We see people who never do what they have to. But when the time comes they work to finish things in such a way that nobody else would have done it that well. This the story of Ferdinand, a soft-hearted bull.

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Ferdinand’s father goes for a bullfight and never comes back after his show with a matador. Ferdinand who is then a small baby escapes from Casa Del Toro. Later he is adopted by the Juan and his daughter. Juan has a dog named Paco and a daughter Nina with whom he shares a bond with. Ferdinand is a soft, nonviolent bull who loves flowers and nature. Ferdinand slowly grows up as a gigantic bull. Paco who is jealous of Ferdinand makes a successful plan and sends Ferdinand back to where he has escaped from.

With the help of a wise goat and three hedgehogs, Ferdinand tries to find a way to free from the training camp. Because he didn’t want to participate in the final bullfight with El Primero, a famous bullfighter who never lost. While all the other bulls would run and jump and knock their heads together, Ferdinand would rather sit and smell the flowers. And he does just that, until the day a bumblebee and some men from the Madrid bullfights give Ferdinand a chance to be the most ferocious star of the corrida.

A classic children’s storybook which brings out all kinds of emotions from the reader. And readers will also thank Munro Leaf for such a beautiful book. Robert Lawson illustrations proved that even bulls can look cute. Oh my god, Ferdinand is such a cutie pie. This cherished hardcover is perfect for those who love Ferdinand, and those who have yet to meet him. This is later made as a film which has won lots of awards.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Author Name: Munro Leaf.
Publication: Grosset & Dunlap.

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