Captain Underpants

Captain Underpants

Fun, witty and cool – no wonder, Captain Underpants are craze among-st kids for years now.

George and Harold, the heroes of this series are hardly good kids, the best these two can do is to endlessly pulling pranks and annoying people. But when there is a problem, they go to any extent it takes to set things right.

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George and Harold crack lot of love and potty jokes, especially at the dining table which definitely irritates lot of parents. While potty humor isn’t actually adults thing, it’s fun for kids, but there is enough humor for adults as well. We think Dav Pilkey genuinely understands children, the entire series sounds like the books are from authors own childhood imagination. No parent can tell kids to talk in a particular way, all they can do is tell them what is appropriate to say around people, and what might make others uncomfortable. Sometimes they do offer story books filled with lot of morals to their little ones. With so many such moralistic children’s book options in the market, we thought this would surely be a relief for kids who wanted to read something purely for fun.

Suitable for: 6 – 9.
Author Name: Dav Pilkey.
Publication: Blue Sky and Scholastic.

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