Darkless: A beautiful book about mother-child bond

Darkless: A beautiful book about mother-child bond

This was our last book for 2019 and it made us emotional. Especially my son who had experienced the fear of losing his mother a few years back. Gorgeous illustrations, heart-touching story, the book Darkless by Tanu Three Singh would leave you wanting more from the author.

My son asked – “will there be a book 2 in this series” as he wants to know if Ani’s mother will be fine or not.

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Darkless – Book Review

Darkless is a story about a little boy Ani who is not happy despite being surrounded by his family members and loved ones. Even during bright sunny days, he thinks his life is dark. What was the reason for darkness in Ani’s life and did the darkness end finally? Read this book to know more.

It’s a short book (not in physical length 🙂 but in terms of words count) and can be finished quickly. The visuals are beautiful making it a perfect read for younger kids.

Suitable For: Below 7 years

Author: Tanu Shree Singh

Illustration: Sandhya Prabhat

Publisher: Puffin

Find it on Amazon here or in your nearest library.

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