Arlo Spaces Off – Children Book Review

Arlo Spaces Off – Children Book Review

Looking for a children’s book to build the habit of helping in daily chores and paying attention to tasks? You will like “Arlo Spaces Off” by Jessica Bee in that case 🙂

This book is a part of the Monster Mind series that Jessica Bee has created to foster the love of reading and develop general social skills in young children. Arlo the monster doesn’t mean to space off but his mind wanders whenever someone speaks to him. His head is full of random ideas and funny songs, and sometimes these make it difficult for him to focus on the things he’s supposed to be doing. Soon, Arlo realizes how his spacing off is causing issues especially to his mom whom he loves a lot. After a chat with his mom, he comes up with a way to pay better attention, and pitch in more around the house.

A sweet, little story for younger children that is interesting to read together and laugh at the similarities as Arlo’s situation is actually quite common in many households these days. Distraction, not understanding the importance of doing small things at home, lack of attention are issues that many children face on a day to day basis. Sometimes, just some straight-from-heart conversation helps bring back their attention.

With cute illustrations and easy-to-read language, this one makes a good read for children below 8 years age. While I am saying below 8, but the theme of the story is as such that even little elder children would be able to relate to it.

What more? This book is available for free in your Kindle Unlimited subscription (*I have an Indian account).

Title: Arlo Spaces Off

Author: Jessica Bee

Suitable for: Below 8 years

Available on Amazon here.

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