I Love Dad with the Very Hungry Caterpillar

I Love Dad with the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Fathers love – Very Hungry Caterpillar stories are famous and are loved by children from years. This is a cute board book with a simple story of a caterpillar who is looking for his father. I Love Dad is written by the famous kids’ author and illustrator Eric Carle. Eric Carle is the one who introduced the very hungry caterpillar stories to kids.

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It is a charming board book with cute pictures which is similar to the book I Love Mum. Just offer a set of books to kids they will surely love to read a book with appealing pictures and simple language. I Love Dad tells readers that a father is not always serious, they play, cook, draw, dance and do many things.

You can see their inner talents especially when they are with their children. I Love Dad features Eric Carle’s vivid designs of animal fathers and babies. You can also see Hungry Caterpillar alongside each one of those.

While reading this the reader will understand how funny fathers are to play with. And sometimes dads will also act silly. This adorable little board book by famous author Eric Carle is all about the love children has for their dad. We just love those cute illustrations and the message by the author at the end of the book.

This can be a perfect gift on father’s day, actually not just on father’s day. It can be offered on any day whenever you want to say dad I love you.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Author Name: Eric Carle.
Publication: Penguin Books.

Buy it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

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