Dad By My Side

Dad By My Side

The bond between parent and child is wonderful, but the connection between a father and daughter is always something more than anyone can imagine. Isn’t it? Dad By My Side is a beautiful series that showcases a sensitive bond between father and daughter. Actually, there is no plot in this story. With some really beautiful and clear pictures, the author describes the bond between a dad and his baby girl.

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The author Soosh used to post images of a big man with his little daughter and her mother sometimes on Instagram. Very soon Soosh’s illustrations drew a lot of attention and later converted into a picture book. She started creating these during a difficult period in her life. Soosh needs support to protect her, probably a hero who can support her during this difficult period. So she created this father who is huge in physique, hairy, round, warm and caring.

The pictures throughout the book show us a father doing stitchery, comforting his daughter during hard times like when her pet dies. He also ties up his daughter’s hair, measures her height and teaches her chess.

This heart whelming book with minimal pictures by internet sensation Soosh will describe a touching and sensitive bond between father and daughter. Like any other father and daughter, they’re there for each other. It’s the kind of relationship every parent should aspire to have with their little ones and we hope every child would get a father like the one in this story.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Author Name: Soosh.
Publication: Brown Young Readers.

Buy it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

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