Just Grandma and Me

Just Grandma and Me

Time spent with grandparents is always precious. There’s a saying “A Grandparent’s Love is Strong & Deep filled with Memories to cherish & keep”. Only ones who say yes for whatever kids ask for is their grandparents. Be it a trip to the local park or an exhibition, they always say yes for their grandchildren.

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This is the story of a grandma who takes her little grandson to a beach. He wants to do all sort of things from flying a kite to swimming, building a sandcastle to blowing a sea horse. But most of these activities can’t be done so easy right. In their trip to the beach with his Grandmother, he faces different challenges but overcomes all of them.

But no problem could stop him from spending some good time with his dear Grandma. He starts off the day by doing some wrong things, but eventually, both of them end the day with having a long yet fun-filled day at the beach.

The best part of the book was the pictures, the cute illustrations by Mercer Mayer will take you back to those days spent with your grandparents. After reading this, readers will surely realize that spending time with grandparents is an important part of growing up for kids.

Through adorable illustrations and simple sentences, the author Mercer Mayer gives readers a glimpse about beach activities.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Author Name: Mercer Mayer.
Publication: Penguin Random House.

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