George’s Marvellous Medicine

George’s Marvellous Medicine

Kids left alone with grandparents. They will be extremely happy and have lots of fun. Isn’t it? Some kids will be excitingly waiting for the summer vacation so that they can visit their grandparents. But it’s not the same with everyone. Yes, this is the story of one such grandson and grandmother. George is stuck at home with his grandma, who is very mean and demanding.

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He has to give medicine to his grandma at eleven o’clock. But instead of giving her the medicine she consumes daily, he creates a substitutional medicine, assuming that it might improve his grandma’s current condition. So to create his own “Marvelous Medicine”, George puts everything he finds in the home.

From shaving and laundry soap, hair remover, dandruff cure, flea powder, shoe polish, black pepper, horseradish sauce, animal pills, curry powder, deodorant spray to brown paint. But the medicine created by George doesn’t make Grandma better. But it does have a remarkable effect on her and on every creature they gave it to. Now George’s dad comes into the picture and asks him to make another batch of medicine. But there’s a problem.

George didn’t write down the recipe he used before. So every new medicine he tries is missing something and has a different effect when they test it on the farm animals. Batch number four medicine solves the old lady’s problem permanently. The way the entire story is narrated by famous author Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake is funny and engaging.

Suitable for: 6 – 9.
Author Name: Roald Dahl.
Publication: Penguin.

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