If I Were An Astronaut: Children’s Book Review

If I Were An Astronaut: Children’s Book Review

If I were an astronaut, I would zoom into outer space! I would help fix the International Space Station. Dream big, and see what fun it is to be an astronaut.

Dream. Discover. Explore.

If I Were An Astronaut by Eric Braun is a wonderful book for little readers that celebrate these three words and more.

Like other astronaut books for kids, It’s a cute book with realistic and fun descriptions of an astronaut’s experiences geared for young readers. We liked it, and we think it would be a good beginner book for kids who are starting to explore astronauts and space. Most of the young readers that I have interacted with, have a phase fixed for certain things :). It could be a dinosaur, car, monsters, spaceship, or anything under the sun. I remember there was a time when my son was stuck with astronauts. Everything that we read or doodled at that time was around astronauts.  

I wish I had found this book and the amazing story session by Story Time From Space back then. I absolutely love their storytelling sessions. You can listen to “if I Were An Astronaut” at their YouTube channel here

Like other astronaut books for kids, the illustrations are gorgeous, we especially loved the astronaut created by Sharon Harmer. The colorful cute design of this book makes it a very appealing read for young readers.

Do give this one a try and let us know if you liked it. In case you are looking to buy this book, you can find it on Amazon here. Suitable for kids below 7 years age group, this one would also make a wonderful gift.

And in case your little one likes to doodle something after reading the book, we have a funky alien in the spaceship for you. Check out the step-by-step tutorial of it here. We will be creating an astronaut doodle for you soon. You may check our Creative Corner, follow our Instagram page or subscribe to our weekly newsletter below to get updates about our weekly new doodle tutorials and prompts.

Read every day, doodle every day, and keep the boredom away.




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