Be Kind: Children’s Book Review

Be Kind: Children’s Book Review

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

I love this quote.This world needs more kindness, and more empathy any day. And if I can find good stories on kindness, I read, and re-read it with my little  one.

Be Kind is one such beautiful book that explains the power of kindness to kids. In fact, why just kids. This book has an important message for grown ups too.

I loved it!

Each act of kindness big or small, can make a difference. But what does it mean to be kind? When Tanisha spills grape juice all over her new dress, her classmate contemplates how to make her feel better and what it means to be kind. From asking the new girl to play to standing up for someone being bullied, this moving and thoughtful story explores what a child can do to be kind. 

Written by award-winning author Pat Zietlow Miller and illustrated by Jen HillBe Kind is an unforgettable story about how simple acts can change the world.

What I especially liked is that it doesn’t just preach you to be kind, it also demonstrates how you can be kind.

The world that we live in today, books like these are actually much needed to drive home the importance of empathy in our life. 

Suitable for kids below 8 years, this one is a classic in itself. It’s available on Amazon for purchase in almost all locations. 

In case your little one likes the audio versions, you may find a wonderful read aloud version of this book by The StoryTime Family here

For post reading activities. you may check our Creative Corner for some doodle tutorials and prompts. As you know, we love doodling after reading. Sometimes any character from the book and sometimes anything that our heart desires. Try it out, art is fun. 

Read every day, doodle every day, and keep the boredom away.

Have a great weekend.



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