In My Heart

In My Heart

An adopted child – Isn’t that a little matured topic for kids to understand? Yes, but the author Nandana Dev Sen narrated this in such a simple way that even kids can understand and enjoy reading it. We just love the way how maturely this subject has been handled by the author. The story deals with a family that is born out of love and deeply connected with each other.

“In my heart”, is a heartwarming story of an adopted child Mia. Mia knows that she has come out of Mamma and Papa’s heart. One day she comes to know that she has a tummy mummy too and then after learning the truth she can’t wait to see her. She asks many, travels a lot of places but was she able to find her tummy mummy? Did anyone tell her where she is?

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Many adopted children will have that undying desire of seeing their real parents. This is a heart-touching journey of a little girl who tries extremely hard to find where she has come from. Those warm illustrations by Ruchi Mhasane and narration by Nandan Sev Dev will touch the readers’ hearts. Read this with your little ones. This will also teach children, how different families are born.

Discussing adoption is often ignored or gagged in our society, in such a situation this book is definitely a brave attempt. The author’s narration was beautifully complemented by Ruchi Mhasanes illustrations. The book has become more lovable as it touches the outspread families too.

Suitable for: 6 – 9.
Author Name: Nandana Dev Sen.
Publication: Puffin Books.

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