The Monkey and the Crocodile

The Monkey and the Crocodile

Stories are one of the best choices to teach morals to kids. Panchatantra stories are ancient Indian animal tales, in a short story format. A very famous series of tales which are loved by readers of any age group. “The Monkey And The Crocodile” is one of those amazing short stories from Panchatantra with a great moral. It is the story of an innocent crocodile, his greedy wife, and a wise monkey.

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It is the retelling of an old Panchatantra story. In this retelling, there is a clever little monkey, a crocodile, and his wife. A hungry crocodile takes rest under a tree after searching everywhere for food. He sees a monkey on one of the tree branches, sitting and eating berries. The crocodile asks the monkey for some berries, he shares them with the crocodile. He also asks to give some more berries for his wife. Monkey agrees and shares some more berries for crocodiles wife too. From that day monkey starts giving berries for both crocodile and his wife.

One day the crocodile’s wife comes up with a selfish desire and asks her husband to fulfill it. The only thing she asks for is the monkey’s heart for dinner. With a heavy heart, the crocodile invites the monkey to come for dinner to his home as he is helping them from long. Monkey agrees for it happily and jumps on the crocodile back. During their journey, crocodile tells the monkey about his wife’s wish. The clever monkey fools the crocodile with an unexpected idea.

What is it?

The rest of the story is about if the crocodile’s wife got to eat the monkey’s heart or did he escape? Who is smarter, the monkey or the crocodile? Read this interesting short story to your child, we are sure they will enjoy it. Panchatantra’s tales are exceptionally interesting, and this is no exception.

Suitable for: 3 – 6. Publication: Dreamland Publications.

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