Plenty Of Love To Go Around: Children’s Book Review

Plenty Of Love To Go Around: Children’s Book Review

Loved it! What a beautiful book with a beautiful message, relevant not only for children but for adults too. 

Plenty of love to go around by Emma Chichester Clark is based on the adventures of her real-life dog. Plum the dog loves being her family’s special one. So when Binky the cat moves in next door and everyone showers him with attention, Plum feels left out. Cats are not her favorite thing! Binky follows Plum everywhere, even to the park, which everyone knows is not for cats. And on top of that, Binky is so annoyingly clever. Is he the new Special One? Or is there enough love for both of them?

Read this book to know how Plum tackles feelings of jealousy and the difficulties of sharing. 

It’s a beautiful, endearing story with super cute illustrations that readers will love. While written with rivalry amongst pets, it’s a wonderful story to explain jealousy of any kind to kids. Sibling rivalry, jealousy of friends doing better, attention-seeking, insecurities, and more.

The end of the story leaves you awwww :), with a beautiful message that the more you love, the more love you get. There is a space for every one of us to grow, flourish, and most importantly to be loved.

Sharing any day is more rewarding than competing. Collaborating is more fulfilling than individual journeys.

If you ask me honestly, I think this book can be a sweet reminder to many adults too. Sometimes children’s books teach us more magic than we can think of :). 

Targeted towards young readers, this one would make a wonderful read for kids below 6 years age group.

If you would like to listen to the read-aloud version, you may find one of them here

Do give this one a try and let us know if you liked it. This book is available for purchase at Amazon or you may check it out in your local library.

We loved the theme a lot and we would be surely creating a doodle for it from our side. As you know, we love to doodle the character or anything special out of the books that we enjoyed reading. You may find some of our doodle prompts and tutorials for your little artists at our Creative Corner or our Instagram page.

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