Sunrise, Moonrise

Sunrise, Moonrise

Mamma, what is the meaning of “Aditya Hridaya”? Why are you offering water to the sun? What is “Poornima”? Why are you fasting on that day? Have your children ever asked you all these questions? Yes right. Then this book is for you. If parents do something in front of children which they haven’t seen before, kids will definitely ask hundreds of questions. One among those is the daily prayers we offer during Sunrise and Moonrise.

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‘What does it mean to pray?’
the moon once asked the sun. 
The sun smiled and replied,
‘I’d like to show you, come.’

Sun and Moon are treated as gods in India. People offer prayers to both Sun and Moon, some pray daily and others pray on auspicious days like Poornima. Format of prayer changes from religion to religion, region to region even person to person. Some people pray in temples, mosques, churches while others just meditate. This cute book tells the readers about how people from different regions, religions, faiths, and cultures pray Sun and Moon. Read Sunrise, Moonrise a cute read aloud to start a discussion with your little ones about the meaning of prayer and what kind of influence a prayer shows on us.

Trishala Jain’s simple narration can be understood by children quickly and Kirstin Eggers cute illustrations bring extra charm to the narrative.

Suitable for: 6 – 9.
Author Name: Trishla Jain.
Publication: Puffin Books.

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