Scaredy Squirrel – Children’s Book Review

Scaredy Squirrel – Children’s Book Review
You know that feeling when you come across a children’s book and you wish you had read this when you were a child! “Scaredy Squirrel” is one of those books that leaves you with a feeling like that.

A funny, amusing, and brilliant story that’s how I would like to sum up the story of Scaredy Squirrel. It’s about

fighting the fear of the unknown communicated through a beautiful story. 
Scaredy Squirrel is scared of too many things, He never leaves his nut tree and he thinks it’s very dangerous to go out. What is he would encounter tarantulas, green Martians, or worse, killer bees? he has prepared too many things to deal with his imagined adversaries and is happy living his same life every day in his tree until one day one of his worst nightmares come true! What happens to Scaredy Squirrel then? Will he deal with the unknown or would he run back to hid in his tree again? Read this story to know more.
While the story content may be suitable for younger kids below 9 years age group but if you ask my opinion, it’s one of those books that can be read by children and grownups too. I and my 8 year old laughed out loud reading this story twice.
Easy to read in simple language, this book is full of quirky illustrations. We loved the time table part a lot 🙂
Do give this one a try, you are surely going to love it. 
We read the e-version of it on Epic Library and in case you’re not able to procure any book due to lockdown, it’s available as a read-aloud version on Youtube.
And in case your little one enjoys drawing, you may check our quick drawing tutorial for Scaredy Squirrel here. 
Author: Melaine Watt
Illustrator: Melaine Watt
Suitable for: 4-8 Years
Available on Amazon here

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