The little mouse was all set to inspire your kids. This is the real story of a little mouse who aspires to become a space mouse. Real story! What? Yes, it’s a partially real story. It’s the story of a mouse named Meteor.

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Meteor, a hardworking and friendly mouse who aims for the title “mousetronaut”. Despite having all the qualifications of a space mouse, Meteor gets ignored to join the team that is going to space. Space mouse! Do you think the mouse really traveled to space? Before this even dogs went into space, many of us would have known that. And yes, this is not a completely fictitious story, a part of it actually happened.

This is the story of a real-life astronaut Mark Kelly. Kelly has gone into space with mice. Yes, we have seen scientists sending dogs into space. But in this story, the astronauts are accompanied by mice. But the bigger mice are chosen for the trip, and the smaller ones are left behind. Meteor is one among those leftover ones. But finally, the day has come and our little meteor is chosen to go with the astronaut.

What did he do there? He does something outstanding to get the title “Moustrenaut”. But, did he finally achieve it? Read this simple and sweet little picture book to know. Those engaging illustrations by C. F. Payne will keep you hooked with the story until the end. This classic tale teaches kids a little about astronomy and a lot about being brave. We just love the way Mark Kelly tried to teach astronomy through simple words.

Suitable for: 6 – 9.
Author Name: Mark Kelly.

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