Stories To Read On Mother’s Day With Your Kids

Stories To Read On Mother’s Day With Your Kids

Be it celebrating Mother’s Day or reading a good book – for both of these I strongly feel you don’t need to do it on any specific day. Mothers need to be celebrated every day, every moment of our lives and reading is again something that you need to do every day, as much as possible. But hey, it’s good to have certain special occasions in our otherwise mundane life and nothing stops us from reading good topical books to our kids on those days to add an extra zing to the celebration.

While your little sonny boy planning to surprise you by serving breakfast in bed or your darling daughter busy scribbling her love on a handmade card, how about you spending some time with them away from digital distractions or your household chores, just chit-chatting, watching any good movie together or reading some stories to them?

And trust me, there is no fun better than spending a lazy Sunday snuggled, cuddled and reading some good books together :-).

Pick up any book of yours or your child’s choice, need not be specific to mothers day. Anything that you and child could enjoy together :-). But in case you’re looking for some books that revolve around mother-child relationship, here’re some quick suggestions from my side. Please note, these are neither the lists for “best books” nor the “must-read books” to be read on mother’s day, these are just some titles that I and my son have enjoyed reading together always 🙂

The Bear Who Couldn’t Hibernate by Taylor Brandon
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We just read this book a few weeks back, cute and emotional, this one is about a young bear Snuggly who shares a very sweet bond with his mom. When Snuggly grows up, he realizes how a mother’s love or her presence is always there with us irrespective of wherever we go or whatever we do. This book is sure to make you emotional and its a great read for below 7-year-old.
Rent it out from your nearest library or buy it from Amazon here.

T Rex and The Mother’s Day Hug by Lois G. Grambling
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A dinosaur book and that too featuring T Rex, now what’s there to not like in this book :-). Actually, in our household, anything and everything about dinosaurs are crazy. It’s Mother’s Day, and T Rex wants to plan something really special for his mom. He wants to do something, not just give something. He tried many things but realizes how our small gestures of love make our moms happier as against gifts or any other thing. A fun read this one is sure to bring a smile to your faces. Suitable age group? Perhaps for dino-lovers of all age groups.
Rent it from your nearest library or buy it from Amazon here.

Smart Sona Helps Her Mother by Vinita Krishna
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Sona’s mother has forgotten where she has kept her keys. Little Sona helps her mother to find it with a big smile when she realizes where the keys are kept. This book is a fun read for me and my son as in my case I keep on forgetting where I have kept my mobile. More often my phone is on silent mode and it’s my son who helps me find it. Sometimes it lies in a kitchen corner, sometimes amidst the crumpled bedsheets :D. Every time he finds it, he warns me – “Mumma, next time be careful about your phone”. Whenever we read this one, we laugh. It’s a cute read for younger kids below 6 years.
Rent it from your nearest library or buy it from online here.

Are You My Mother by P.D. Eastman
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A classic that has been read and loved by generations. This book is about a young bird who is trying to find its mother. During his journey, he meets many other animals from a dog to a cat and finally. He gets reunited with his loving mother after many twists and turns. It’s a wonderful read for read-aloud sessions for younger kids and self-reading for below 7-year-old. When my son was younger, this was our bedtime book for many days.
Rent it from your nearest library or buy it from Amazon here.

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn
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I absolutely love, love this book! I can’t tell you the apprehension I had when my child was going to school on his first day (must write a post on it soon). The Kissing Hand is a beautiful book about how a mother raccoon preps up her baby raccoon for his first day at school. A day away from the mother. I am sure, this book will be relatable to almost all mothers and kids who have been going through the separation anxiety for the first time. A must-read for the read-together session of mom and child of any group.
Rent it from your nearest library or buy it from Amazon here.

Are these books your favorite too? Let me know in the comment section below.

Of course, there are hundreds and thousands of good books out there, in case your child loves any character, you can find some mommy special books in those character series too. For e.g., there are some super awesome mama special books in Pepper series as well as Dora The Explorer. Let me know your favorite reads this weekend, would love to hear from you :-).

And in case you’re a mommy reading this post – you know, you’re a gift from above, wish you a very happy mother’s day!

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