Soup Day

Soup Day

Sharing household chores and preparing nutritious food for the family is very essential for any family. But how many parents are involving children in household work and also letting them know the importance of nutritious food? Not many. Isn’t it? This is the story of one such mother and daughter.

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The mother once decides to cook soup. On a cold, snowy day she takes her daughter out to the shop to buy ingredients for the soup. Once they are back home they start working together to prepare the meal. While the soup is being cooked, they spend some quality time playing games and reading.

And later Daddy comes back home, and the family sits down to enjoy a homemade dinner. This book clearly depicts the importance of making a nutritious meal and sharing the process. Actually, not just the process of cooking. When all the household chores are shared equally it is a lot of fun and learning for all the family members.

This should be taught to kids when they are young. The book also has some warnings for children who are helping near the stove. And of course, parents will take care of their child when they are helping near the hot stove. An amazing picture book with simple text and cute illustrations by Melissa Iwai will make the reader go through this book again and again.

Suitable for: 6 – 9.
Author Name: Melissa Iwai.
Publication: Henry Holt and Co.

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