The Adventures of Plimoth Plantation: Children’s Book Review

The Adventures of Plimoth Plantation: Children’s Book Review

History, adventure, and fun – that’s how we would like to describe “The Adventures of Plimoth Plantation: As Told by the Mayflower Mouse” by Marian R. Carlson. While this book is targeted towards children, but trust me when I say this that it’s equally delightful and informative for adults too. 

It’s full of interesting nuggets of information and fun facts. Presenting the story of the bravery of the founders of the Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, Massachusetts, this book offers a fresh and engaging perspective on one of the most pivotal events in America’s history. It provides young readers with a deeper understanding of how the Pilgrims’ strength, tenacity, and faith-filled perseverance not only led them to success in their own pursuit of a better life but also shaped the core values of America. Through delightful narration, vibrant illustrations, and excerpts from real historical documents, children can form a deeper appreciation of how the Pilgrims’ sacrifices paved the way to a nation built on the spirit of freedom and fearlessness. 

Targeted towards children above 7 years, it’s a keeper for those who would like their little ones to learn about history. There are also some very interesting references to the original source of information making it an authentic and engaging read for kids. Illustrations included in the book are beautiful making it an appealing read.

Do give this one a try if you would like to know more about Plimoth Plantation and the Mayflower.

And we loved the mouse in the book, we will be creating a doodle of it very soon for you to try :). In the meantime, if you would like to dry some doodles with your little ones, you may check the “Creative Corner” at Kiddingly. Kids loved doodling the alien that we did recently.

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Title: The Adventures of Plimoth Plantation: As Told by the Mayflower Mouse

Author: Marian R. Carlson

Suitable for: 7+ years

Available at Amazon here.

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