Roaring Rockets: Children’s Book Review

Roaring Rockets: Children’s Book Review

Cute little picture book, that tells us the story of three animal astronauts and their journey to space in a rocket. Targeted towards young readers, Roaring Rockets by Tony Mitton is a wonderful book to get your little ones started with books on space and rockets.

Packed with super cute illustrations, it provides explanations in very simple language on how space rockets work, where they travel, and what they do making it delightful read for curious little learners.

It’s a part of the “Amazing Machine” series by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker and every book in this series is quite interesting as well as insightful. From airplanes to submarines to rockets, they have explained how machines work in a way that kids will understand easily. What’s more interesting is that the central characters who are traveling on these machines are animals, making it additionally fun for young readers.

Do give this one a try if you have a little reader below 6 years age group who would like to meet some cute little animal astronauts. 

This one is also available as a read-aloud with Storytime Family here. Have fun reading and listening to it :). 

If you’re a regular reader here, by now you will know that we love doodling after reading a book that we like. So, in case space or aliens interest your little reader, you may check out an aline in spaceship doodle here and alien reading a book doodle here. More kids doodle tutorials are available at our Creative Corner. We would love to see the work done by your little artists. In case you have tried out any design from Kiddingly, mail it to us at or share it on Instagram or Facebook by tagging our page 

Read every day, doodle every day,

And keep the boredom away :).




Title: Roaring Rockets

Author: Tony Mitton

Suitable for: 3-6 years

Available on Amazon here.

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