The Jewel Fish of Karnak

The Jewel Fish of Karnak

Graeme Base is one of those great kids favorite go-to authors. His illustrations are beautiful with which he wonderfully creates an alternate world. “The Jewel Fish of Karnak”, was a fun story with a great moral.

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Long ago in Ancient Egypt, there are two friends Jackal and Ibis. One day they steal something from the town market hence they are brought before the Cat Pharaoh to get punished.  Pharaoh, who is very kind towards them decides to give both of them one last chance. She asks them to bring back something that has been taken from her. For that, they need to travel on the Nile river and reach the temple of Karnak. Wondering what is it? It’s a beautiful and precious Jewel Fish.

But she has a warning for the duo:

They should not be taking anything else while they are in Karnak.

They have to keep in mind that Jewel Fish is magical and it should not get wet.

Jackal and Ibis who are basically not very clever, ignores the Cat Pharaoh’s words by taking a few extra treasures for themselves from Karnak. And now a serious disaster follows the two friends. What is it? Does Cat Pharaoh know that they will get into trouble? Finally what happened to the two friends? Wait…Wait… don’t get excited read this amazing book to know.

Have you ever heard of the temple of Karnak and a jewel fish? Kudos to the author’s creation. Read this book with your little one. You will get surprised many times. The author will take you to the beautiful world he has created.

Suitable for: 6 – 9.
Author Name: Graeme Base.
Publication: Harry N. Abrams.

Buy it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

Once you are done reading this do let us know how do you like the book. We would love to know your experience.

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