The Pencil

The Pencil

Have you ever heard of a Pencil drawing by itself? This is the story of one such pencil. First the pencil draws a boy, who wants a dog, the dog wants a cat, and then they want to colour. Later a paintbrush is drawn, but once they are colored they are not happy about something so rubber is drawn.

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But something unstoppable happens with the rubber, it becomes slightly carried away with its duties so the pencil finds creative ways to stop the erasing! The humorous touch is what makes this book so interesting. In this, there are some small running gags, silly and funny moments. All these together make the reader giggle a little, laugh and enjoy reading but do not miss the depth in it. Ingman’s illustrations are crucial for this book. Susan Avingaq and Maren Vsetula’s way of writing using simple words makes it very hard to imagine that it was done by two different people.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Author Name: Susan Avingaq, Maren Vsetula.
Publication: Inhabit Media Inc.

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