The Soldiers’ Night Before Christmas

The Soldiers’ Night Before Christmas

Irrespective of festivals, events, and any other extracurricular activities, soldiers have to work for the country. As they are protecting us at the border we are happily celebrating all the festivals at our homes. But what would a soldier think on a festival day?

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Imagine a Santa coming to visit a group of soldiers. Same had happened in this story, on a Christmas Eve at a military barracks in the Middle East, a Sergeant McClaus visits some homesick soldiers. This lively and poignant tale is inspired by Clement C. Moore’s classic yuletide poem. “The soldiers were sleeping and snoring away As they dreamed of ‘back home’ on good Christmas Day” many lines as such will keep kids and adults engaged with this book.  

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Author Name: Christine Ford, Trish Holland.
Publication: Golden Books.

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