The Safe Return: Children’s Book Review

The Safe Return: Children’s Book Review

The Safe Return: Kids Wear Masks for a Safe Return to Fun

A story of hope. A story to be of help. “The Safe Return” is a story about little children trying to return to their normal lives in between pandemics and chaos. Compared to some other childrens books on safety, this is our personal favorite.

What we loved the most about the book? It’s illustrations. They are beautiful with, soothing colors and a watercolor look. And the fact that it’s trying to normalize the new normal post-pandemic, that kids are still trying to adjust to

Written by Ashley Wheelock, Arwen Evans, and illustrated by Abigail Gray Swartz, “The Safe Returns, Kids Wear Masks For A Safe Return To Fun” is a book that will tell kids that they can still have fun, with masks and while following the norms of the post-pandemic world. Compared to other childrens books on safety, it is indeed the best.

Yes, indeed the world has changed a lot. Maybe we won’t be able to go back to the pre-covid world. But we can still try to find our way back to happiness, fun, and adventure.

It’s a topsy-turvy world that children live in today, but the adventures must safely return. Face masks on or face masks off, this fast-paced, two-sided book takes kids through the ups and downs of a balance bike ride with friends. A stuffed bunny is temporarily lost, but a community is found.

No matter which way you read it, the book reinforces the joys and freedoms of childhood and advocates for a safe return to the fun.

It’s a cute story for little kids that highlights how at times, it’s important to forget our own pain and help the ones who need our support. We think this will make a great read for kids below 7 years age group. And kids might be able to relate to characters wearing masks while playing. Perfect for Covid-19 and to normalize the wearing of masks.

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