Tom Gates: Hilarious And Fun

Tom Gates: Hilarious And Fun
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Tom Gates by Liz Pichon

Doodler, adventurous and fun – what’s there to not love about Tom Gates :-).

So, little one (well, not so little anymore with ready to bring in his eighth bday soon :)) has moved to graphic novels and series from picture books and short stories now. After Captain Underpants and Dogman, his recent addiction is the Tom Gates series. 

He absolutely loves this series and enjoys spending time with Tom Gates for hours and hours together. Sometimes he laughs rolling on the floor and sometimes he keeps his book aside to immediately pick up his notebook for doodling, it’s like an intense love affair between him and Tome Gates these days. Oh and not to forget, the number of times he sings that “Delia’s a weirdo” song in his own humorous way.

Tom Gates is a series of 20 books (17 main books and 3 additional themed books, as on date) written by Liz Pichon. The prime character Tom Gates is a 10-year old boy who lives with his mom, dad and his older sister, Delia.  He is an amazing doodler, creative master of excuses, comic story writer and the bane of his grumpy teacher, Mr. Fullerman. Tom loves to scribble and present his life through cartoons and drawings.  Every book is around a fun plot about Tom and his world, school, sister, music band and more. 

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In case you have a little reader above 7 who enjoys comics and cartoons then do give Tom Gates series a try. These are easy to read, hilarious stories for kids filled with doodles and cartoons all across. My son loves to draw and doodle and this makes it one of the most engaging reads for him that he enjoys reading and re-reading on his own.

Authored & Illustrated by Liz Pichon and published by Scholastic books, this one is a keeper for kids and moms alike (pssstttt, I read it myself at times when the sonny boy is fast asleep, otherwise he doesn’t let me touch his books these days. He is eyeing my kindle and says – if I read his book, then I should allow him my kindle too 🙂). 

For some loud laughs and fun reading moments together, explore the brilliant world of Tom Gates, for sure it will bring a smile to your face. I wish they come out with a movie on Tom Gates soon 🙂

Author: Liz Pichon

Illustrator: Liz Pichon

Publisher: Scholastic

Suitable for: 7+ years

Buy the first book in the series here. The full set available here.

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