6 Best Books To Read On This Father’s Day

6 Best Books To Read On This Father’s Day

Father’s Day or any other Sunday, can there be a better way to celebrate it than just cuddling together with books, stories, movies and lots of chit-chats?

We know you must be having your favorites to read with your little ones but in case you’re looking out for suggestions to celebrate dad-kid bonding, here’re some that we loved. Do give these a try and let us know if you like any of it. Wish all the rock star daddies out there a very happy father’s day!

Made for Me

What a heartwarming book! Will there be anything beautiful for father’s than looking at their children grow. Nothing right? This picture book is nothing but celebration of a father’s love for his new born child. This amazing book with adorable illustrations by  Eunice Moyle will surely remain your favorite forever.

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Suitable for: Below 3.
Author Name: Sabrina Moyle.
But it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

My Dad Is Amazing

A simple, vibrant board book about the highly amplified qualities of a perfect parent. Between, the parent here is a monster. Interesting right? Most of the illustrations are creative, and funny. And the art in this is extremely dynamic. A must for every dad.

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Suitable for: Below 5.
Author Name: Sabrina Moyle.
But it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

I Love Dad with the Very Hungry Caterpillar

This cute little book by famous author Eric Carle is all about the love one has for their dad. While reading this the reader will know how fun dads are to play with, and sometimes even dad’s will also act silly. We just loved the illustrations, and the message by author throughout the book.

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Suitable for: Below 6.
Author Name: Eric Carle.
But it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

Dad By My Side

This heart whelming book by internet sensation Soosh will describe a touching and sensitive bond between father and daughter. There’s actually no plot in this book, just vignettes of some precious moments between a father and his daughter. Like every father and daughter they’re there for each other and teach each other. It’s the kind of relationship every parent should aspire to have with their little ones.

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Suitable for: Below 7.
Author Name: Soosh.
But it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

Superhero Dad

Dads are not always fun. They can be boring as well. This is the story of a Dad who is described as a superhero by his child. He snores, makes super breakfast, ice cream, cake, and he also tells hilarious jokes with a long laugh. The author does a great job of depicting the dad and son as superheroes. A must read for all the dads and kids.

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Suitable for: Below 9.
Author Name: Nosy Crow.
But it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is the epic journey of two fish, an overly cautious father fish Marlin and his curious son Nemo, who gets separated during a Reef in the ocean. Despite all the fears he had about the open ocean, Marlin starts searching for his dear son. He meets a special friend, overcomes a lot of struggles and finally, did he meet Nemo? Read this heartwarming story to know. This amazing book by Disney is loved by thousands of readers across the globe. We are sure you will love it too.

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Suitable for: Below 9.
Author Name: Andrew Stanton.
But it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

Do give these books a try but as I always say, these are some of the books that the mommy me enjoyed reading with her little one. It may happen that your junior won’t like some or all the books from this list and that’s perfectly fine. Every child has his/her own preferences, let’s just respect their choices and read them what they want.

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