Vy’s Special Gift: Children’s Book Review

Vy’s Special Gift: Children’s Book Review

Beautiful, Emotional, and Optimistic – that’s how we felt after reading Vy’s Special Gift. What a wonderful book, full of positivity! Loved it. Here’s our book review for kids on this special book.

Vy’s Special Gift” is a story about a little girl waiting in line to get her ration of food during COVID-19. The line was long and there wasn’t enough food for everyone. Did Vy finally manage to get some food for herself and her family? Read this inspiring story to know more.

This book is based on a real girl’s life post-pandemic in Vietnam. Written by Ha-Giang Trinh, and illustrated by Evi Shelvia, this book highlights the day to day struggle of many kids like Vy whose life changed due to COVID. Many lost jobs, many lost their loved ones. It’s not been easy financially for many families across the globe to go through this phase. There are many book review for kids around this story.

Ir’s a book that celebrates the power of perseverance, and grit. It highlights the importance of sharing. It tells us how at times little empathy from our side can create big impact on others’ lives. It’s a book that communicates how there is a light at the end of every dark tunnel.

It’s a must read for every child to know how pandemic has impacted the lives of kids from different backgrounds. 

The illustrations are beautiful. Even though the characters are wearing masks, but we can still make out the different expressions they go through on each page. And the end pages of the book, leave you with a smile :).

Do give this one a try. It’s very topical and has a beautiful message for current times.

This book is also available as a read-aloud and has been narrated by Dr. Maya Soetoro-Ng (Obama’s sister) herself. You can listen to the read-aloud version of this story here.  Stay tunes to more book review for kids.

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Read every day, doodle every day. And keep the boredom away.

Cheers, Kiddingly

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Book Details:

Title: Vy’s Special Gift

Author: Ha-Giang Trinh

Illustrator: Evi Shelvia 

Suitable for age group: Below 9 years

Publisher: Room to Read and The Peace Studio 

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