30 days – 30 doodles

30 days – 30 doodles

Hello everyone, how’s the stay at home phase going on for everyone? I know it’s not easy especially with smaller kids around who hate to be locked inside the house. But let’s not forget, it’s the least we can do to keep ourselves and others safe from the current pandemic. Let’s try our best to not spread it.

While there are so many things that are sad about this phase but if you look closely, you will also find lots of positive initiatives all around. Digital support groups, virtual assistants, cooking ideas, health and fitness initiatives, you name it and there is a solution available today on the internet to keep you engaged and connected in this social distancing phase. Let’s make the best use of these and try to find our silver linings :-).

We have recently moved to a different country and the situation here is quite alarming. The country is in a complete lock-down state and going out of home is absolutely out of question now. Junior was already missing his friends in India and the luxury of running to the park anytime within the secured society premises. To add to that, this lockdown phase has made things more difficult for him. But nevertheless, we are trying, trying our best to adjust and adapt to our new life. 

As the earlier readers of this blog know, one of the things that me and junior love to do together is drawing our favorite characters from the books that we read. As he is growing up, he has started to copy my doodles and paintings. I love it when he shows interest in drawing and we have been doodling many things together. It’s become more like a mini ritual for us every weekend morning where I doodle something new for him and he tries to recreate the designs with his own elements and imagination.

During this social distancing phase where I am working from home and his school is shut down too, we have started doing it every day. And we decided to share our designs with Kiddingly readers too. 

30 days, 30 doodle designs for your little one? Would you like to try that? These are drawn by me and tried/would be tried by my 8-year-old. Most of the designs are of common things around us and suitable for 5-10 year old. I have purposefully not defined the inside patterns as Zentangle or Doodle fillers. My experience with my son tells me he doesn’t like to follow too defined a structure, so my suggestion would be the same for your little ones too. Let them come out with their own imagination for fillers and patterns. In case if they are starting with Doodling or Zentangle, of course, they are free to copy the designs as it is, and later on, they can create their own designs.

So on that note, here is the inspiration for Day 1 – A Cupcake!

Kiddingly - IMG 6007 1024x1024

Image Credit – Kanupriya Sindhu

Now, who doesn’t like a cupcake and that too a decorated one? Yum, isn’t it?

Try it out and do let us know if your little one enjoyed doing it. We are always looking for the masterpieces created by our little readers, so in case your junior would like us to see their work, please mail us the designs to contactkiddingly@gmail.com and we would be happy to feature their work on our pages.

Doodling is happiness, let’s create some happy moments together 🙂

We are updating our daily prompts on our Facebook and Instagram page for now as the WordPress gallery plugin is behaving weirdly. Please follow our pages to be updated about this :-). We will upload the gallery here too as soon as the gallery glitch gets fixed. 

Note – Speaking of initiatives for kids, there are hundreds of interesting initiatives taken by bloggers, content creators, e-learning organizations, publication houses and more on the internet today to ease out the stay-at-home phase for children and parents. Many have shared free content and dozens of interesting ideas to try. I am going to cover the ones that I have tried and found to be useful for my son. In case you are one of those who are creating content for kids to keep them engaged during this shutdown phase, please send us the details. We would be happy to feature your work and spread the word about you.

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