How to draw an owl: Step by step tutorial

How to draw an owl: Step by step tutorial

How is the Sunday going on? Hope you are having a fun and relaxed day. We have recently read lots of new book and we have been updating our reading sections reularly. Hope you saw some of our recent recommendations.

This Sunday we did lots of doodling and coloring at our end. Sharing one of them with you for your little artsists here. Hope your little one enjoys recreating it.


And if you need it as a coloring sheet, feel free to download the third image and print it on a A4 size paper. Our joy in all of it is that you and your little artists enjoy our dodoles and drawing.

Kiddingly - Owl Doodle Kiddingly 1024x1024
Image – Kanupriya for Kiddingly
Kiddingly - Doodle For Kids kiddingly 1024x1024
Image – Kanupriya for Kiddingly
Kiddingly - Owl Coloring Sheet Kiddingly 724x1024
Image – Kanupriya for Kiddingly

As we always say, creating something together after reading any book, always helps build recall and engagement with the book and characters better. So, next time you read a book on owls, you know where to head to :).

And if your little one enjoyed this owl, do let us know by sharing the drawings by your little ones on Instagram or Facebook and tagging our page Nothing makes us happier than seeing the creative masterpieces of our little readers.

Read every day, doodle every day, and keep the boredom away :).



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