At the Mountain’s Base

At the Mountain’s Base

We know that people who serve the country at the border, navy, airforce have to stay away from their families. Unlike many other professions working in these are a little complicated. They have to sometime work under heavy snow, walk miles and miles and risk their life sometimes for the country.

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Did we ever think about deep inside the heart what would the person and his family who are very far from each other has been going through? What if the person who is staying far away from the family is a woman? This is the story of a family who gets separated by duty and distance, people at the home will be waiting for a loved one to return. This lyrical picture book beautifully celebrates the bonds of a Cherokee family and the bravery of history-making women pilots.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Author Name: Traci Sorell.
Publication: Kokila.

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