Bruce’s Big Move

Bruce’s Big Move

Bruce is finding his home a bit crowded. So he packs up the kids (his four geese) and sets off for a new home. At first, nothing seems quite right, but then the family finds exactly what they’re looking for. Unfortunately, it seems that what Bruce was running away from has followed them.

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These books are all cute in their way, but I’m finding that I’m just not enjoying the subsequent installments as much as I did Mother Bruce. The pictures are great and the premise is funny, but I guess I’m just wanting… more.

Definitely, a must-read if you’re a fan of the character, though. And there’s always something fun to notice in the illustrations.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Author Name: Ryan T. Higgins.
Publication: Disney-Hyperion.

Buy it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

Once you are done reading this do let us know how do you like the book. We would love to know your experience.

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