Chaos at Keoladeo – Must read for nature and wildlife lovers

Chaos at Keoladeo – Must read for nature and wildlife lovers

You come across books and then you come across books that are an absolute delight. Chaos at Keoladeo by Priya Fonseca is one such book. Fun and insightful at the same time, this book is about three young kids Sameera, Alex and Tarun who have decided to go to Bharatpur with Uncle Avi who is a naturalist and has special access to Keoladeo National Park, Rajasthan. They’ve heard that the Siberian cranes have returned to Keoladeo National Park after more than twenty years and they are keen to explore the park and the birds.

From train journey to boat rides, seeing the expected birds to encountering unexpected wild animals, captivating folklores to thrilling mysteries, this book is packed with amazing amount of information and adventure right from start to end. 
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While the book is written for youngsters but, trust me when I say this – this book is a powerhouse of knowledge for grownups like me too. There were many pertinent pieces of information about nature and birds that were new to me. While reading it with my 7-year old, at times I got so fascinated about some birds, that I ended up googling more about them. Not even once we felt its an overdose for a child or underwhelming for an adult. 

The author has done a great job of presenting such detailed information through interesting story format. To add to that, we loved the beautiful illustrations by Zainab Tambawalla and the drawing tutorial for birds.

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It’s a keeper of a book for sure and would also make a great bday gift for kids of any age group. Generally I mention the age groups when I recommend books, like below 9 or below 6, but in this case, I can say it with full confidence that this book is suitable for kids of any age group, in fact, grownups too especially the ones who love nature :-). Only one line for very young kids below 6 – the length of the book is 96 pages (including illustrations and knowledge nuggets), so in case you are reading it to a younger child, you will have to do it over multiple sittings.

I have been a huge fan of all FUNOKPLEASE books and this one is no different. Give it a try, it will be surely worth your time and money.

You can buy it from Amazon here or rent it out from your nearest library. 

Title: Chaos At Keoladeo
Author: Priya Fonseca
Illustrator: Zainab Tambawalla
Designer: Dhanashri Ubhyakar
Publisher: Fun OK Please and Puffin Books

Do you love birds and would like to draw one? Check out our quick and easy tutorial here.

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