Chicken Said “Cluck!”

Chicken Said “Cluck!”

There are many stories about chicken. But every story is unique in its own way. Chicken Said “Cluck!” is a fun story that suits perfectly for early readers. It is the tale of two friends Earl and Pearl. They are eager to start a garden and also grow pumpkins. What happens now? Can you guess?

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Here comes a Chicken who keeps interfering. She comes to the rescue when the grasshoppers threaten to destroy the children’s work. Those simple words, combined with the repetition of some phrases, help the beginning readers. Engaging and funny plot for kids. The growing frustration of Earl and Pearl as well as Chicken increases the fun part of the story.

By the time the plot reaches its climax the reader will be completely involved in the story. Truesdell’s vibrant and colorful illustrations will be loved by the readers especially kids. Both the children and the chicken will surely keep the readers entertained.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Author Name: Judyann Grant.
Publication: HarperCollins.

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