Parents always go to any extinct to fulfill their children’s wish. Isn’t it? Then this story is for all those lovely parents and children. Fing is fun yet adventurous story of a girl named Myrtle. She always wishes for more, though she had everything she wants. She loudly demands everything she wants. Wondering what actually a child might ask when she had everything she wants? Well, don’t think too much she asks for a fing. A fing! Yes, a fing. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Meek head to get one for their little girl.

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In their of getting a fing for Myrtle, they step into some unique places which they are not allowed to. They also step into spooky library vaults to check the mysterious Monsterpedia. Later they enter into a jungle where some of the rare species are found. There starts a great adventure filled with fun, action and more.

Read this stupendous story by best selling kids author David Walliams to know. Funfilled narration and engaging illustrations by David Walliams and Tony Ross will surely make even reluctant readers read it with great interest. A funny and totally surreal story about two perfectly nice parents and their unbelievably freakish daughter. Sometimes we should even read stories like this for children which involves great moral and lots of fun.

Suitable for: 6 – 9.
Author Name: David Walliams.
Publication: Tony Ross.

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