Children’s Books And Activities: Geronimo Stilton Puzzle

Children’s Books And Activities: Geronimo Stilton Puzzle

The weekend is here and that means Sunday, Funday is round the corner:). When I was a kid, I used to eagerly wait for Sunday newspapers, as In the pre-internet era weekend editions of newspapers were one of the most interesting sources of joy for me. Crosswords, puzzles, sudoku, short stories, recipes, and more – pages full of content treasure to explore and engage with.  This is one of the best indoor activities for kids.

Maybe it’s childhood nostalgia or my genuine love for crosswords that whenever I spot a good puzzle, I jump with joy. And when it’s around children’s books, the joy gets doubled. 

One such puzzle that I got to try recently was by a fellow book lover and mom Sujatha Narasimhan. She does these puzzles for her son and she was kind enough to share her Geronimo Stilton puzzle for the readers of Kiddingly. A big thanks to Sujatha for her generosity. Like other indoor activities for kids, it is indeed one of the best.

Kiddingly - IMG 8383 698x1024
Please do not reproduce it without giving credit to the creator – Sujatha Narasimhan

This is hand-drawn by Sujatha and we are sharing it as it is. We could have converted it into a computer-generated design but we think these hand-drawn rows and columns are adding the personalized mommy touch by Sujatha :). Hats off to her for her creativity and effort.

I and my 9 year old son had a great time solving this crossword. Hope you would enjoy doing it too. In case you would like to get answers to this puzzle, leave your contact details below and we would be happy to mail you the same. We will be publishing the answers to this puzzle in the same post next week. 

Have fun solving these and in case you liked it, do drop a comment below. The creator of this puzzle Sujatha would be happy to hear from you.

Once again thank you Sujatha for your awesome creativity. Kiddingly will be looking forward to more contribution from you.

Btw, did you try any of our recent doodles? We have uploaded lots of new stuff at our Creative Corner. In case you liked any and recreated the design, we would love to see it. Do share the creative masterpieces of your little artists to or on Instagram or Facebook by tagging our page

Have a happy weekend everyone.


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