How to draw a car: Doodle for kids

How to draw a car: Doodle for kids

The weekend is here, which means time to read and time to doodle. While we read and doodle every day, we especially love to do it on weekends. After all, what’s a weekend without some good books and some art fun! Here’s a tutorial on how to draw a car for kids.

For this weekend, we have done a very simple car tutorial for your little artist. All we need are some straight lines, and circles, assemble them together and voila, the car is ready.

For some additional fun, don’t forget to color this car with any colors of your choice. Would you like to color the tyre red or blue? I say, both! Cars with different colored tyre would be so much fun! Isn’t it? So, are you all set to learn how to draw a car for kids. We too!

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If you would like to download these images, just right-click and save. Print, practice and color them up. And do not worry, if your lines are not straight or the circle is not round. Try doing it freehand and let your little artists explore their creativity their own way.

Have fun creating it and as we always say if your little one enjoyed doodling it, we would love to see their designs. Mail their designs to or share them on Instagram or Facebook by tagging our page and using the hashtag #Kiddingly. If you will tag us, it will be easier for us to find you. We love to showcase the work done by our little readers :).

We have more designs at our Creative Corner available for download.

Read every day, doodle every day, and keep the boredom away.

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