Children’s Storybooks That Celebrate Love

Children’s Storybooks That Celebrate Love

The beauty of love is that it’s a universal language without boundaries. When a child is hurt or bullied or sick, love and affection can heal on a heart level and increase their self-esteem and understanding. Even a small hug at times when kids are hurt can change a lot for them.   

Parents often think that kids are naturally loving and generous with their affection. But the truth is that it is something to be taught when our kids are young. As a parent, we must teach our kids that the most important thing is to possess an appreciation and caring attitude. That’s something nobody can buy!  

The question that comes with this is how to teach kids about love and compassion. Well, the perfect answer is through stories that celebrate. Kids often remember stories than anything else. So, why not try to teach love through great children’s books that celebrate love? The below list of stories about love and generosity are sure to warm heart and make them smile.  

  1. I Love You the Purplest   

By Barbara M. Joosse, illustrated by Mary Whyte.  

Kiddingly - I Love You The Purplest

This story features two young brothers and their mother. The young boys are curious to get answers to their questions from their mama as they set out to fish together. The mama happily answers their questions while rowing the boat and pulling in fish. The question majorly revolves around which one is best at each task. And finally, when they are back home, the kids are curious to know whom she loves the most. The mama gives the best answer to this question and expresses her love for them.   

More than the fantastic way of narration, the illustrations have made this storybook much more exciting. I’m sure that kids will love this story as they get to know their special place in a parent’s heart.  

Links: You can listen to this story on here or buy a copy of it here

2. Mama, Do You Love Me?   

By Barbara M. Joosse, Illustrated by Barbara Lavallee  

Kiddingly - Mama Do You Love Me

In the story ‘Mama, Do You Love Me?’, a little girl tries to understand her mother’s, unconditional love. The little girl asks questions on how much and to what extend her mother loves her. The mother interestingly answers her questions and explains her love for her.   

Barbara Lavallee has illustrated the storybook with beautiful illustrations of ravel, whale, dog, polar bear, and much more. In the story, the little girl tries to test her mother’s love and affection for her and finally understands a mother’s real love. 

This is one of the must-reads. This storybook is sure to help invoke love and compassion in our kids, regardless of their age. 

Links: You can listen to this story on here or buy a copy of it here

3. If You Plant a Seed 

Written and illustrated by Kadir Nelson. 

Kiddingly - If You Plant A Seed

Kadir Nelson, who won various illustration awards, has beautifully illustrated the story ‘If you plant a seed.’ It is one of the books that our kids will love as the illustrations are awe-inspiring. This story illustrates the power of love and compassion. Through the story, he explains how a seed of kindness can bear sweet fruits. In addition to this, this storybook will invoke planting habits in our kids. Also, the story explains how troubles occur when we plant a seed of selfishness.  This is one of the best kids books about love.

For kids who like to watch pictures and understand the story, it is one of the highly recommended books as the pictures themselves explain the entire act of kindness and compassion. 

Links: You can listen to this story on here or buy a copy of it here.

4. Families, Families, Families! 

By Suzanne Lang, illustrated by Max Lang.  

Kiddingly - Families Families Families 1020x1024

In the storybook, ‘Families, Families, Families,’ written by Suzanne Lang, Max Lang has beautifully illustrated framed portraits of family members. This is a storybook that depicts the celebration of family love.  

Today’s age has compelled us to move to different cities for job needs and a better lifestyle. So, most of us live away from our near families. But, as the kid grows up, it is vital to explain to them about various family members. This storybook is perfect for making the kids understand that no two families look the same. It depicts family love and importance. Consider buying this book.  This is another in the list of kids books about love.

Links: You can listen to this story on here or buy a copy of it here.

5. Mango, Abuela, and Me 

By Meg Medina, illustrated by Angela Dominguez

Kiddingly - Mango Abuela And Me

This storybook mainly features Mia, a little girl, and her Abuela (grandmother). As the grandmother is sick of staying alone, she leaves to stay with Mia and her parents in the city. As Mia is excited to see her grandmother, she shared her favorite book with her during the night. But she realizes the fact that her grandmother cannot read the words or understand them.  

The story continues as Mia teaches her grandmother English and learns a bit of the Spanish language. Recognizing her grandmother’s difficulties in understanding the new language, Mia has another perfect idea for helping them all communicate a little better. This story clearly describes the love that keeps a family together. This is another in the list of kids books about love

Links: You can listen to this story on here or buy a copy of it here.

Wrapping Up 

All these storybooks mentioned above celebrate love and compassion in one form or another. Hopefully, these storybooks will help you teach your children about love and its importance in life. So, do you have any other recommendations for a children’s book that celebrate love? Feel free to add them in the comment section below. We would be happy to feature it in our collection along with your name.

Enjoy the books. And in case you would like to doodle something around love, we recently did this hearty doodle for you, which is literally full of hearts :). Check it out here. We have a lot more doodle prompts and tutorials available for you for the little artists at our Creative Corner.

Read every day, doodle every day. And keep the boredom away.

Cheers, Kiddingly

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