Love Doodle

Love Doodle

The child who knows unconditional love has the greatest gift the world can offer.

Love has many faces, many smiles, many expressions, many forms. Love is a beautiful emotion, simple and complex at the same time. But ask any parent about the purest form of love and chances are their answer will be – it’s the love that they share with their little ones :).

While love doesn’t need a day or a month to be celebrated but there is something fabulous about February. The month that celebrates love in its different forms. Keeping the February spirit in mind here’s a hearty (hee hee, literally full of hearts :)) cute love doodles for you and your little one celebrating different expressions of love.

Let us know if your little artist enjoyed recreating it. Start with a single heart in the center of your page. Then draw as many hearts as your heart desires around it :). Give each heart a different expression – smile, laugh, wink, grin, or whatever your heart wants to draw. Once complete, you will realize, how just a change in the eye format or curve of the mouth gives each image a different meaning altogether. We are sure that you will like these cute love doodles.

Kiddingly - Heart Doodle Kids Kiddingly 1024x1024

Have fun creating it and as we always say if your little one enjoyed doodling it, we would love to see their designs. Mail their designs to or share them on Instagram or Facebook by tagging our page and using the hashtag #Kiddingly. If you will tag us, it will be easier for us to find you. We love to showcase the work done by our little readers :). This image would also make a wonderful design for a greeting card.

And in case you would like to download this image as a coloring sheet for your little artist, please feel free to do the same. We have more designs at our Creative Corner available for download.

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