Love Is… – Children’s Book Review

Love Is… – Children’s Book Review

Love Is Book is a small book with a very big message. Love is… by Heidi Pross Gray is all that you need to explain your little one about many expressions of Love.

It’s charming, cute, and super sweet.

It explains to young children the different forms of love, and different ways in which they can express love. 

Love is sharing with friends, love is caring for the family. Love is protecting a tiny little puppy, love is helping little ones.

Love is sharing your favorite blue truck with your brother, even if he might drool on it.

Love is helping an earthworm back into the grass after a heavy rainstorm.

Packed with colorful illustrations and easy-to-read language, this one makes a great bedtime read for little young readers. It explains the complexity of an emotion like love in such a simple way. I had read this book with my son when he was younger and I remember going all awwww after reading this book. I recently spotted the read-aloud version of the book and we listened to it together again :).

Considering it’s February right now, we thought why not let our readers know about this heartwarming book that celebrates all kind of love so beautifully!

Do give this one a try. And in case you would like to listen to the read-aloud version, you listen to it at Grammy’s Book Nook here

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Enjoy the book :). As we always say,

Read every day, doodle every day. And keep the boredom away.

Cheers, Kiddingly

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Title: Love Is…

Author & Illustrator: Heidi Pross Gray

Suitable for: Below 6 years

Available at Amazon here.

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