Christmas Tree: Drawing Tutorial Step by Step

Christmas Tree: Drawing Tutorial Step by Step

Christmas is almost here and we are creating lots of fun designs at our end. What’s a Christmas celebration without some cozy reading time together and some DIY fun. Cards, bookmarks, posters, coasters, danglers, and more. There is no end to possibilities of creating handmade goodies both for decorating our home or for gifting to loved ones. Here’s christmas tree drawing for you.

Keeping the spirit of the month in mind, we have decided to do the next four doodles around the Christmas theme only. Starting with of course a cute Christmas tree :). This one is meant for your little artists below 6 years age group. More designs for the 6-9 age group coming soon :).

Kiddingly - Doodle Tutorial For Kids Kiddingly 1024x1024
Image by: Kanupriya Sindhu for Kiddingly
Kiddingly - HowToDrawChristmasTree Kiddingly 1024x1024
Kiddingly - ChristmasPrintable Kiddingly 1024x1024

This christmas tree drawing will help you learn faster. We would love to see the designs done by your little artists. You can mail us the same at or post it on Instagram by tagging our page

And in case you would like to download the third image as a coloring sheet for your little artist, please feel free to do the same. We have more designs at our Creative Corner available for download.

Books also make excellent gifts for any occasion. In case you’re looking for some suggestions, you may check our Timeless Christmas books collection here.

And we’re truly blessed when authors like Ellwyn Autumn decide to do exclusive posts for Kiddingly as they love our content. Read her holiday reading list for all events of December – Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa here

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Read every day, doodle every day, and keep the boredom away.



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