How To Catch An Elf: Children’s Book Review

How To Catch An Elf: Children’s Book Review

Ho Ho Ho! It’s Christmas time. Time to read about Santa and Elf. Time to celebrate the love of togetherness and joy of giving. We have been reading and doodling everything Christmasy this December. Hope you saw our new doodle on Christmas Tree that we did recently. How To Catch An Elf is one of our Christmas favourite pick.

After the classic, How Grinch Stole The Christmas, here comes our next classic recommendation – How to Catch An Elf

You’ve been waiting all year long, and now it’s finally Christmas Eve! Is this the year you’ll finally catch an elf? Some kids have tried to catch him, but Santa’s fast, you see! So they’ve set their eyes on a smaller prize, and now they’re after the Elf!

What all they do to catch the Elf! But will they be able to finally catch him? Read this funny story to know more.

Written by Adam Wallace and illustrated by Andy Elkerton, this one is a great holiday read for kids below 6 years age group. It’s a part of the famous “How to catch” series by Adam Wallace and like other books in this series, How To Catch An Elf is super hilarious too. 

The illustrations are beautiful and story is fun. This book would also make a perfect Christmas gift for kids below 5 years age group. 

Do give this a try and if you would like to listen to the read-aloud version of this book, you may find an interesting version here

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Title: How To Catch An Elf

Author: Adam Wallace

Illustrator: Andy Elkerton

Available at Amazon here

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