Extraordinary Jane

Extraordinary Jane

We see kids pestering parents for having a pet. This heartwarming book is for all those lovely kids who have a pet. Not just one thing the author teaches many interesting and important aspects of life like friendship, kindness, and loyalty through a delightful story. He also tells that ordinary will not remain ordinary forever it can be extraordinary too. Then isn’t this a must-read for your children? Definitely.

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Jane an ordinary dog which is not strong, graceful and not even brave like others in her family. But she is part of an extraordinary circus. But she is trained to act like others. When she tries to do things like others in her family, she felt bad and dissatisfied. She doesn’t feel that she is special. Obviously, how can someone be different if they are doing the same things which others do? She questions herself, “am I really meant for this kind of life”? No one knows. But her Ringmaster thinks so, but not for the reasons Jane thinks. What happened next? Did Jane do something extraordinary? Read this heart touching story to know.

We praise kids many times for being a topper in class, winner in games, etc. But did we ever tell them that they are unique and different from others? Author of the book did that in the best way possible. The illustrations in this book are pretty engaging for kids. Read this for your little ones and tell them that they are unique.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Author Name: Hannah E. Harrison.
Publication: Puffin Books.

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