The Bad Seed

The Bad Seed

A bad seed? How bad? If there’s any device that can measure the badness, this one will break the records to be the most baaaaaaad seed. The story is about a sunflower seed who has bad manners, temper and is proud. Usually, family members bear with us even if do something mischevious. But how long? There’s a limit for patience right? Same happens in the bad sunflower seeds family too. After bearing this bad seed for a quite a long time his family decides to get separated from him. So he gets separated from his happy family. He stays homeless for some time.

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Actually, he is not as bad as everyone assumes him. But everyone including his own family perceives him that way because he does some damage and he also does certain things that are not socially acceptable. As he is completely frank about specific things everyone assumes that he is rude. Instead of accepting for who he is everyone stays away from him. But why is he like this?

Why did he become a bad seed? Read this amazing story, the bad seed narrates to the reader why he has become a bad seed? He used to be happy, but one day something tragic happened which left him changed. He is no longer a good one. He is a bad seed with no friends. Things seem terrible for this little chap, but then something unexpected happens at the end which changes his perspective.

The story ends perfectly well with the nad sees trying to change himself. The illustrations are attractive which added beauty to this wonderful little book which carries an enlightening message for kids and adults too. This is a must-read for both kids and parents.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Author Name: Jory John.
Publication: HarperCollins.

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