Superhero Dad

Superhero Dad

Dads are not always fun. They can be boring as well. Dads can cook, crack jokes, sing, dance and do many more things. But every dad is a superhero for their child and every child is dads superhero too. This is the story of a boy who tells the reader why his father is a superhero. Whatever his father does to him is superheroic for this boy.

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The narration of the book is simple and on point with easy rhymes. The dad in this story is described as a superhero by his child. He snores, makes super breakfast, ice cream, cake, and he also tells hilarious jokes with a long laugh. He also sends away the scary monsters, he’s strong and he can do anything for his child.

Cute story and pictures!

The author Timothy Knapman does a great job of depicting the dads as superheroes. The book is published with simple text and great illustrations. Those vibrant illustrations by Joe Berger will be loved by the readers. In this, when the author Timothy tries to highlight a point he keeps the text bold with prints large. The artwork in this adds extra beauty to the narration. A must-read for all the dads and kids.

Suitable for: 6 – 9.
Author Name: Nosy Crow.
Publication: Brown Young Readers.

Buy it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

Once you are done reading this do let us know how do you like the book. We would love to know your experience. Also, ask your kids to tell something about their super dads.

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